Helping businesses harness the power of imagery

Welcome to the Tellitphoto web site. My name is Paul C Wynn I am a photographer who helps businesses improve their profitability and build reputation. My business Tellitphoto is based in Dudley, West Midlands and works throughout the Midlands region and around the United Kingdom.

Tellitphoto creates photographic images for businesses who want to communication their core values, and reach their ideal target audience. The right images promote products and services more effectively, they add value to company web sites, strengthen brand identity, personalise marketing and promotional materials, enhance press & media articles and motivate team members. 

Most companies have found working with a photographer is the cost effective solution to getting the creative images they need, with the hassle-free individual service they deserve. What's easier for you? Continue without the unqiue identity you deserve or work with Tellitphoto to maximise value for your company.

If you want to know more, feel free to contact me I will be delighted to discuss your needs and how Tellitphoto can help. Thank you, Paul C Wynn Tellitphoto Photographer